Web Resources and Recommended Reading


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The following are some of the more commonly accessed websites pertaining to the Anglican Communion which you may find helpful to have on hand. It is worth checking them at least periodically for news and updates, so that you may keep abreast of current issues, policies and events in the Church at large:

Here are some additional links to websites that contain excellent information for Churchwardens:

Recommendend Reads

  • Churchwardens: A Survival Guide-The Office and Role of Churchwardens in the 21st Century
    By: Martin Dudley and Virginia Rounding
  • So the Vicar’s Leaving: The Good Interregnum Guide
    By: Mike Alexander and Jeremy Martineau
  • Practical Church Management: A Guide for Every Parish
    By: James Behrens
  • The Churchwarden’s Handbook: A Practical Guide
    By: Ian Russell and Helen Elliot
  • Management Essentials For Christian Ministries
    By: Michael J. Anthony and James Estep (eds.)
  • How to Look After Your Church
    By: Council for the Care of Churches
  • The Churchyards Handbook (Conservation & Mission)
    By: Council for the Care of Churches
  • Sounds Good: A Guide to Church Organs, For Incumbents, Churchwardens and PCCs
    By: Council for the Care of Churches